Taken by night


Dreamwalker | TAKEN BY NIGHT 2015

Co-created by
Andrea Nann and Helen Yung

and featuring artists and contributors:
Marie-Josée Chartier, Sarah Chase, Gabriel Cropley, Aria Evans, Lauren Gilles, John Gzowski, Kate Holden, Melissa Joachim, Tom Kuo, Andy Maize, Peter Mettler, Clea Minaker, AJ Morra, Andrea Nann, Jenn E. Norton, Oh Susanna, Michael Ondaatje, Elysha Poirier, Joshua Van Tassel, Veronica Tennant, Jaime Waese, Brendan Wyatt, Helen Yung.

Dreamwalker | TAKEN BY NIGHT 2015 from Jeremy Mimnagh.

At the end of every day darkness descends and the world around us shifts. Our perceptions morph as night arrives. In darkness our senses intensify, our minds conjure. Shadows, sounds, movements and changing temperatures trick us. We are observant, cautious, alert, alive. Our surface of our skin excites, our heart beats in our fingertips and our noses twitch. We understand our relationship with gravity and with this our connection to earth, and our place in the cosmos. For some night is terrifying, for others it's respite.

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